Welcome to YouTube-Lite

Q: Why?
A: Simple, mainly we use YouTube to play music. Mostly @parties YouTube is playing on the background. And probably people like to search for other songs while playing.

Q: So why not open two windows/tabs?
A: Do we really need to?

Q: So you think you can do better?
A: No. And specially knowing that we just grabbed the example from YouTube itself.

Q: Do we have access to all videos from regular YouTube?
A: Nothing has changed in the content, YouTube Lite make use of regular YouTube videos. Nothing more.

Q: What is this then?
A: A trimmed down version of regular YouTube. No comments or long descriptions taking up space.

Q: That isn't really bothering me, what else do you got?
A: Like the subtitle says:Search and watch videos at the same time. This is the main and only feature.

Q: So instant search is the BOMB, do you have it?
A: Of course we cant stay behind.

Q: What are your expectations?
A: Regular YouTube integrating search and watch at the same time a.s.a.p.

Q: How can we help?
A: Make the site big! Use Twitter, Facebook, Diggit and or Buzz to promote the site.
And please contact us with any questions and or suggestions.

Q: I wanna do more?
A: E-mail me:feedback@youtube-lite.com. We can use designers and coders.

Q: Is this it?
A: No we keep developing the site with features.

Q: Any upcoming Features?
A: Yes, hopefully a list you can create and add videos while searching and watching.

Q: We need to wrap this up. Any final words?
A: Of course, hope you like the idea and don`t watch a video while reading this :D. And keep promoting the site to your friends, family, coworkers, etc..

Q:Thanks for your time.
A:More then welcome

Greetings DW

Source:Youtube API